Ukulele 教學 小結他 Guitar Bass Drum Band房 出租 PA Saxophone 色士風 - Giga Music Box.

Giga Music Box 與超過100間機構合作舉辦音樂課程,音樂治療活動, 包括不同政府部門,金融機構, 學校, 社區中心, 志願團體, 慈善團體, 私人機構等等。

如閣下尋求課程合辦, 歡迎致電27698 698 或 電郵至 查詢詳情及報價。

Giga Music Box works with more than 50 institutions to organize music courses, music therapy activities, including different government departments, financial institutions, schools, community centers, volunteer groups, charities, private institutions and so on.

If you are looking for course co-operation, please call 27698 698 or email for details and quotes.






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